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Internet Resource Assignment:

You will find at least 5 web sites that are relevant to the intermediate science course. This can include resources, science fair ideas, science Olympic ideas, related news articles, interactive web sites or other relevant material. State how the site's contents are relevant to the classroom by stating the appropriate grade, strand and topic that the site applies to the Ontario Curriculum. You will evaluate the site as super, very good, good or not useful. You will also email a brief summary (one or two sentences) of your web sites to the teacher at . Please keep the assignment within the body of the email and not as an attachment.  (5%)


Student Notebook:

You will keep a student notebook that will simulate the grade level of the skill and content lessons that will be taught by fellow students. This book may be checked periodically throughout the year and at the end of the year.  See handout for more information.   (10%)


Field Trip: 

You will participate in a field trip and complete an assignment regarding the field trip. (5%)


Lesson Plan

You may work with a partner in this assignment. You will select a skill lesson topic from an assigned strand in The Ontario Curriculum from Grades 7 to 10 Science. The lesson plan should follow one of the Nipissing Lesson Plan Formats as outlined in the Practice Teaching handbook. Check for existing material supplies within the A248 and H207 classroom before handing in the material list with your lesson plan. Indicate additional materials that are needed. (20%)


Skill Lesson Presentations

You will present your lesson to the class on the assigned date. You should meet with the professor at least a week prior to the lesson to check with materials, timing and handouts. The lesson should be approximately 40 minutes. There will be a self-evaluation and the class will evaluate you. Prepare handouts if necessary, which include written descriptions of procedures and diagrams. Resubmit original marked lesson plan (with possible alterations). Submit revised lesson plan including any handouts. Due day lesson presented.


Unit Plan

You will be assigned to complete a unit plan from one of the topics of a strand from Grade 7 to 10 from the Ministry Guidelines. The unit plan should be complete (at least 12 h) and practical enough so that you could start teaching from it if you were to teach the course tomorrow. The unit plan format will follow the Ontario Ministry Curriculum Planner. (30%)


Unit Plan Alternate Assignment

If you are completing a unit plan assignment within a different course, you may choose an alternate assignment.  Possible suggestions include developing a web site or evaluating assessment software. (30%)


Content Test The test will include science content that was covered in class lesson presentations well as science teaching methodologies. The test will be written in the last class.  Not available in 2005-06.



Internet Resource Assignment              5%

Lesson Plan                                          20%

Skill Lesson Presentations                  30%

Student Notebook                                10%

Field Trip                                                5%

Unit Plan                                                30%

Total                                                    100%