Discrepant Events

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Balloon Races Demonstration  by Patricia Mikkila. To demonstrate the properties that affects the rate of reaction for a Chemistry 12U : Energy Change and the Rate of Reaction

Cereal Flake Races by Amber Stephens, A magnet is used to pull cereal flakes for Grade 11 Science U/C : Body Input and Body Function

Disappearing Liquids by Rubina Atcha. To demonstrate the space between molecules in liquids for a Chemistry 11U Solutions and Solubility and/or 12U Structure and Properties.

Psychedelic Milk  by Paul Schock. A colourful demonstration that provides an interesting introduction to a lesson either involving colloids, polar vs. non-polar interactions, suspensions vs. solutions for 11 or 12 Chemistry.

Combustion of Sucrose by Jeff Bussineau. Sugar and potassium chlorate are mixed together to form a nice pink flame and smoke for Chemistry 11U : Hydrocarbons and Energy

NaCl Crystallization by John Oberthier. NaCl Crystallization  with HCl to demonstrate Le Châtelier’s Principle in Dynamic Equilibrium Chemistry 12U: Chemical Systems and Equilibrium.

The Collapsing Can by Mike McAllister. Water is boiled in a can which collapses when cooled for Chemistry 11U Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry.

Synthesis of Magnesium Oxide by Kevin Hilderley. Mg ribbon is burned for Chemistry 11U : Matter and Chemical Bonding

Milk Magic by Lea Maloney. Milk is denatured and turned into a solid for a Chemistry 12C Organic Chemistry.

Ethanol Rocket by Chris VanParys. Ethanol is burned in a bottle for a Chemistry 11U Hydrocarbons and Energy

Gummy Bear Sacrifice by Carrie MacKenzie. Sadly, a Gummy Bear is oxidized in molten Potassium Chlorate for a Chemistry 12U: Hydrocarbons and Energy.

Lightening under Water: by Cory Schlievert. A spectacular display of sparks under water with alcohol and Sulphuric acid in a test tube for Chemistry 12U Electrochemistry.

Alcohol Breath Analyzer  by Marie Morin-Strom. A redox reaction shows the test for alcohol for Chemistry 12U Electrochemistry.

Lycopodium Dust Explosion by Bob Hosken. A fireball dust explosion is a good demonstration of Chemistry 12U Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction.

The Ammonia Fountain by Adam Orth. A classic colourful display that can be used in many topics including Chemistry 12U: Chemical Systems and Equilibrium.

Water to Wine to Milk by Gerald Laronde. A classic demonstration of chemical change and solubility for Chemistry 11U Solutions and Solubility.