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Science Elective: Course Dates, Topics and Assignments


September 11


Safety, Curriculum documents


September 18

Grade 7 Grade 7 Matter and Materials: Pure Substances and Mixtures

Bring Materials to build a cell model for next class

Internet Assignment Due: September 22



September 25

Grade 8 Life Systems: Cells, Tissues, Organs and System

Science teaching styles


October 2

Grade 9 Academic, SNC 1D Physics: Characteristics Of Electricity

Grade 10 Academic, SNC 1D Physics: Motion

Practice Teaching Tips


October 23

Grade 7: Heat


Grade 7:Interaction With Ecosystems



October 30

Grade 7: The Earth's Crust


Grade 8: Fluids



November 6

Grade 8 Mechanical Efficiency


Grade 8: Water Systems



December 4

Grade 9: Academic, SNC 1D Biology: Reproduction


Grade 9: Academic; SNC 1D Chemistry : Atoms


December 11

Grade 9 Applied, SNC1P Earth and Space Science: Space Exploration


Grade 9 Academic, SNC1D Earth and Space Science: The Study of the Universe



January 8

Grade 9 Applied, SNC1P Biology: Reproduction Processes and Applications


Grade 9 Applied, SNC1P Chemistry: Exploring Matter



January 15

Grade 9 Applied, SNC1P Physics: Electrical Applications


Grade 10 Applied, SNC2P Biology: The Sustainability of Ecosystems



January 22

Grade 10 Applied, SNC2P Chemistry: Chemical Reactions and their Practical Applications


Grade 10 Applied, SNC2P Earth and Space Science: Weather Systems



January 29

Grade 10 Applied, SNC2P Physics: Motion and Its Applications


Grade 10 Applied, SNC2D Biology: Ecosystems and Human Activity



February 5

Grade 10 Academic, SNC2D Chemistry: Chemical Processes


Grade 10 Academic, SNC2D Earth and Space Science: Weather Dynamics



February 12

Grade 8 Optics


Grade 7 Structural Strength and Stability


March 19

Science related activities


March 26

Science integration