Magic Moments

One of the six definitions of "magic", as an adjective, in the Oxford English Dictionary is: "In weakened use as an enthusiastic term of commendation: superlatively good, excellent, ‘fantastic’. colloq."

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A grade two student asked, "Mrs. __, is there a baby growing inside your tummy?" The teacher was not pregnant. (Jill)

'If only kids ruled the world': During week one, four grade three students who I had volunteered with last year came up to me and asked, "So, what's the big news, Mr. Chris?" I knew what they were talking about, so I told them that I got engaged to Miss M (who was their teacher last year). Their next question was so innocent, and made so much sense. "Can we see what your ring looks like too?" I told them to get Miss M to explain that one, and that I would love to hear the answer as well. (Mr. Chris)

Senior kindergarten class: A student asked, "Mrs. Taylor, what happened? Did you dye your hair?" The teacher had let her hair go grey over the summer, instead of coloring it. (Jocelyn)

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