EDUC 4128 -- Curriculum Methods P/J

Course: Overview

Calendar Description:

The full course includes the following:


Students will be expected to continue to examine strategies for planning effective programming, familiarize themselves with various models of classroom management, continue the development of their awareness of the importance of effective communication, and explore additional methods of teaching and assessing.

During this course, students will be expected to research and present information on a model of management, prepare a long range plan, and develop a personal management plan for their individual classrooms utilizing the information presented in the seminars. Both the long range plan and the management plan will be added to their professional portfolios.

Required Texts:

Evertson, Carolyn M., Emmer, Edmund T., and Worsham, Murray E. (2005), Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers (7th Edition). Pearson Education Canada Inc. Toronto, ON.

Schwartz, Susan, and Pollischuke, Mindy (2005). Creating the Dynamic Classroom: A Handbook for Teachers. Pearson Education Canada Inc., Toronto, ON.

Practice Teaching Handbook (2005-2006). Nipissing University- Faculty of Education: Brantford Concurrent Program.


During this course, students will be expected to complete the following assignments:

Late Assignments

All assignments must be completed in order for course success and each must be submitted in class to the professor on the indicated due date. Extensions of Deadlines must be requested in writing at least 2 days prior to the due date and will only be granted in extenuating circumstances. Late assignments will lose 10% daily for each day late with no maximum. All assignments must be submitted by Dec. 5 at the latest.


Nipissing University Academic Calendar states that students are to be present for 80% of the class time. Students are not to miss more than 2 classes. Three late arrivals in class will constitute one absence for attendance purposes.

Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism

Although there should be no need for a discussion of academic dishonesty in a course at this level, I am obliged to make explicit Nipissing University's Policy on Academic Dishonesty (see Nipissing University Calendar, 2005-2006).