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HISTORY 1505 -- History of the Modern World


Course Director: Dr. Steven Muhlberger

Seminar Leader:   Dr. Mark Crane

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Other Links:

        In the ancient days of the Web, a long list of "hot links" on one page could be a treasure trove, guiding the reader to places unimagined.   Now we have search engines that much of the time take us quickly to where we want to go.

        With search engines so efficient, this list includes only a few sites that that have caught my (Steve Muhlberger's)  attention.   There are plenty of other real prizes out there,  forgotten or never known.  Let me know if you find some!  (stevem {at}

The End of Europe's Middle Ages is a U. of Calgary site that provides a pleasant introduction to European Early Modern History.

The Ottomans, from Washington State University, is a good introduction to an important empire and culture of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Michael White out of the goodness of his heart has provided an interesting and useful Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century.

I am very interested in history as a world phenomenon.   What I and my collaborator Phil Paine have done so far can be found at the World History of Democracy site.

H-Net is an umbrella organization for many historical discussion lists and other resources, including recent book reviews.