Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Greetings, visitors!

My name is Steve Muhlberger. I teach a variety of history classes at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. (Have a look at my academic home page for specifics.) I'm starting this blog primarily to communicate with students, ex-students and colleagues, at Nipissing or elsewhere.

There are times when I want to say a bit more in class, or refer to an on-line resource; there are times when a story in the news, or a post in a blog seems appropriate for discussion; there are times when someone asks me a question that lots of people might want to know the answer to.

This blog is for those times.

Note: I am moderating all comments to the blog, in part to cut down spam, but also to keep it on track. There are plenty of blogs out there for politics, culture, or academic griping. This is not the purpose of this blog. I appreciate all good-natured comments, but I won't guarantee to publish them. On the other hand, I will prize contributions that are relevant to "early history" or the content of any of my classes.

Finally, this blog is not an official publication of Nipissing University. You might want to look at the disclaimer here.


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