Wednesday, January 18, 2006

L'Age d'Or -- a fabulous re-enactors' site

My extensive use of pictures from on-line sources dates from two years ago, the last time I taught Early Modern Europe. I stumbled across a site sponsored by a late-17th century re-enactment group, "L'Age d'Or," which has a tremendous collection of paintings and engravings illustrating the life and costumes of the very, very, very rich and noble in the time of Charles II of England and Louis XIV of France.

We are coming up to that period in Early Modern Europe now. If you are in that class you will see some pics from L'Age d'Or in upcoming lectures, but you might want to have a look yourself.
And of course random visitors may be interested in having a look, too.

To L'Age d'Or, thanks!

Update: That site is now a one-person enterprise called the Salacious Historian. The same high-quality content is still there.


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