Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bolivian baroque

During the 17th and 18th century, the Jesuits maintained a major missionary effort in central South America (as seen in the 1986 movie, The Mission). Eventually the Crown of Spain decided that this was too much like a state within a state, and the Jesuits were expelled, leaving behind a baroque architectural legacy.

Apparently there was a musical legacy, too. Recently it has emerged that the local people preserved baroque music, which is now being published, performed and recorded.

I heard about this on this morning's 8:00 newscast on CBC Radio One, and there will be more said about it on The World At Six on the same network. Oddly, there's very little on the Web as yet. I only found a brief mention on the BBC 3 site. When I find out more I will post it here.


Blogger HERVEG said...

The church showed in the picture is that of Concepcion. The first time I went over there, I heard classical music in the church. Hearing classical music in a church next to the jungle is a very special experiment. I enter the church and saw a mix of bolivian singers and brithish musician. I learn later that the british musician were the Baroque ensemble "Florilegium".
Concepcion is a small village, at 6 hours by bus (road and track) from Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The village is in Chiquitania.

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