Sunday, February 05, 2006

More early modern than you can shake a stick at!

There are a lot of academic bloggers out there. Most academic blogs include more about the Woes of Academe than I care to read, but being generally smart people the academics also talk about interesting material they have been looking at recently.

One institution that has emerged is the "Carnival," the origin of which is a mystery to me. It appears that bloggers volunteer to post a collection of interesting recent links concerning some wide area of interest. Other bloggers are notified of the upcoming carnival and send their favorite recent reads.

A blogger called Pilgrim/Heretic has just posted up "More early modern than you can shake a stick at" part of a series called Carnivalesque. This edition of Carnivalesque includes a wide variety of material about Early Modern Europe. Have a look.

(The picture above is an 1808 view of the Old Bailey, a law court in London. The complete records of trials there between 1674 and 1834 are available at
which I learned about at Pilgrim/Heretic's Carnivalesque. What a find!)


Blogger Ancarett said...

I've been teaching my Approaches students how to work with statistics using the Old Bailey Online database for one of their exercises in a "history of crime" unit. It's a wonderful resource, even if some of the special report formats seem almost never to work and the fact that you can go back from each report to check all the individual original reports is beyond wonderful!

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