Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society Symposium

The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto is sponsoring a symposium next weekend -- specifically on Saturday, March 25 -- on behalf of its Friends of the Mediaeval Studies Society, a new special interest group. I will be speaking on the text illustrated above -- the chronicler Froissart's account of a chivalric deed of arms with political implications.

What you see above is a joust between the French lord of Clary and Sir Peter Courtenay, an Englishman, over whether Courtenay had "spoken too freely" about French courage, or the lack thereof. Since the French and English had just finished campaigning against each other and the French had won, you'd think that such a private confrontation would have been beside the point. But then, explaining why the deed made sense at the time is what the paper is all about.

More information about the symposium is here.


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