Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Continuing into the summer

All sorts of things have prevented me from blogging since the 22nd, including my computer blowing up. But I do intend to keep this up over the spring and summer.

Today's snippet comes via Explorator from the usually rather shallow USA Today. It's about the use of computer animation and other infotech to study ancient civilization. Somebody will say, "wow, ironic," but scholars of the past have often been on the cutting edge this way. It's practically the price of doing business. After all, if you can only see or analyze as well as the ordinary person on the street, you are -- in the case of archaeology -- going to be reduced to saying, "yeah, looks like a hill, looks like a dusty plain."

The article links to an upcoming game Discover Babylon created by real archaeologists, but I can't make it work. Maybe you will have better luck.


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