Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fun at Leeds

I attended the International Medieval Congress at Leeds earlier this week, and it reminded me of one of the less-known pleasures of the academic life: for many of us, our scholarly brothers and sisters are an international bunch, and once you start taking part in that life, you meet all kinds of interesting people from a variety of countries. The major international conference, if well-run and friendly, is the best place for that kind of interaction, and medieval studies has two of them, one at Kalamazoo, Michigan and the other at Leeds in West Yorkshire. It is at such places that you can find which famous scholars (or more likely younger but someday-to-be-famous scholars) are good dancers, and whether they like disco, the 80s, or more recent music.

Not all conferences have dances; actually medieval studies may be unique for having them. Just in case you were considering your options for your graduate education.


Blogger Sandra Dodd said...

I feel like I was there (well, just a LITTLE bit), because yesterday I was talking to Helene McNeill who's in London doing archeology and home education. In explaining why she hadn't answered e-mail lately said she had been in Scotland, and at a sailing competition, and at a medieval conference in Leeds. HEY! I said... I know someone else who was there!

So more than feeling that I was there, I feel really cool that I know TWO people who were there. That I know both of you through the SCA doesn't hurt my feelings any either.

Your report of the fun you had at Leeds caused me to have more fun in Albuquerque. That's a pretty good international deal.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Steve Muhlberger said...

Now if we'd only attended each other's sessions, it would be perfect.

5:53 PM  

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