Monday, August 28, 2006

Somebody else's syllabus -- Econ 101b

Here is a syllabus for an intro economics course at a major university (University of California at Berkeley) taught by a quite prominent expert (Brad deLong). Note that all this material is crammed into a single semester. Note the expectations for student preparation: comfort with calculus to the point that the lecturer will feel free to use it in class, and require students to use it in problem sets and exams.

Note in particular that there is an easier Macroeconomics course, Econ 100a, and that this is the go-faster, do-more version for the daring and the ambitious. Prof. DeLong knows it will be tough, and will be grading so as not to punish the daring and the ambitious.

If they take the challenge and perform.

At Nipissing University we don't have this kind of high-level track for a few really good students. But nothing stops you from being daring and ambitious here, except your own expectations of yourself.


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