Thursday, September 21, 2006

A woman jouster -- Dionisia

Ramon Lull's opposition to the possibility of women knights reminded me of this story:

The 13th century records of the English Hotot family preserve a story of one of their ancestors, Dionisia, who “when a maiden, clad in a tunic, with a hat upon her head and armed only with a hollow shield, about the seventeenth year of King Stephen (1151) …attacked a certain knight, with one blow of her spear bringing him to the ground, and carried off his horse.” Edmund King, ed., A Northamptonshire Miscellany (Northampton, 1983), 8.
This from my Deeds of Arms, p. 3 n. 5.


Blogger Wolfy said...

Interesting story. Not one I've heard before. Too bad the picture doesn't show her holding her spear or doing battle.

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