Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Gwynne Dyer speaks at NU, Monday November 27, 7 pm

Gwynne Dyer, a well-known commentator on military and international affairs, will be speaking at the NU Theatre (F 213) on Monday, November 27, at 7 pm.

From the press release:

Dyer’s lecture, entitled Back to the Great Game, will look at current global issues through the lens of history. [...] The most dangerous times in history are the periods when the pecking order of the great powers changes. It is normal for the reigning power to search desperately for ways to stop or slow the decline of its power. It never works, but those foredoomed strategies for staying on top caused great destruction the last few times that the wheel turned. It could happen again. The time may come when we see the ten-year military agreement between the United States and India that was signed in June, 2005 as the starting gun for the new Cold War. Or worse.

To attend the lecture, please register online at: The lecture is free of charge and is open to everyone.


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