Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group report

It will soon be forgotten.

Jonathan Steele in the Guardian (UK):

The country's political elite wants to ignore the American people's doubts, and build a new consensus behind a strategy of staying in Iraq on an open-ended basis with no exit in sight. "Success depends on unity of the American people at a time of political polarisation ... Foreign policy is doomed to failure - as is any action in Iraq - if not supported by broad, sustained consensus," say Baker and his Democratic co-chair, Lee Hamilton, in their introduction. In other words, if things go wrong, it will be the American people's fault for not trusting in the wisdom of their leaders.

As long as this is the attitude of "the country's political elite" there can be no end but catastrophe. Indeed, catastrophe is here and this is all a song and dance to distract both public and policy makers from the terror that will seize them when they really understand the situation.

You can plan an open-ended strategy for staying in Iraq but you can't deliver on it. Just do a lot more damage trying to.

Update: It's February 20, 2007 and I haven't heard anything about the Iraq Study Group during this month.



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