Saturday, January 27, 2007

For HIST 4505 on January 29

We will be discussing Charny's Book of Chivalry.

It will be worth your while to consider Charny's War Question #17.

17. Charny asks:

Because I do not know what kind of people are called "preux," I ask what they should necessarily have done before they bear this name so that when they've done this they are able to have such an honorable name. For I believe that he who does more is worth more. But I ask what they should necessarily do at the minimum.

What do you think he was fishing for?


Blogger Will McLean said...

I think Charny expects the preux chevalier to display a combination of martial competence and physical courage. Just being a good jouster is insufficient: a competent jouster might by a coward in an actual battle. Just being in battle is insufficient: you might be present without making a significant contribution to the outcome. The preux chevalier needs to be at least adequate in skill and courage, and superior in the sum of these qualities. How to arrive at this calculus of demonstrated quality is the expected debate.

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