Thursday, March 08, 2007

Early Church Fathers on line

In recent years the news has been full of sensationalistic exposes of early Christianity's hidden secrets: the Da Vinci Code, the fuss around the new manuscript of the Gospel of Judas, and now the nonsense of the tomb of Jesus and his family.

If you really want to know the "secrets" of early Christianity, many of them are right there on the Web: English translations of the "early church fathers" are readily available.

Two sites worth knowing are the Christian Classics Ethereal Library and the collection of additional Church Fathers' writings at

These works preserve the early debates and interpretations of Christian authorities in the first centuries after Christ. You can read this stuff until your eyes fall out.

And if you decide you want an imaginative expose, try the movie of The Last Temptation of Christ. It has no particular claim to be true, but it's a good story.


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