Saturday, March 17, 2007

Guedelon Castle

This post is basically a repeat of one from Unlocked Wordhoard, a blog written by an Anglo-Saxon scholar, Richard Nokes, who teaches at Troy University in Alabama. Besides routinely purveying interesting or clever posts, Nokes' blog has the added attraction of being banned in China (at least at the moment and probably by mistake).

Anyway, Nokes has made me aware that enthusiasts in France are planning to build a castle using 13th century methods: Guedelon Castle. Since there are only 35 of them, and local peasants can't be coerced into doing the work, they expect it to take them 20 years.

My guess is that they will either find a way to pick up the pace or it won't get done at all. I have some experience with such projects.

Richard Nokes cleverly suggests that you avail yourself of Google Images to find pictures of the project.


Blogger Marie Reed said...

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I'm planning to post tons of Guédelon eye candy in photo form!

8:16 AM  

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