Tuesday, March 20, 2007

History Seminar Series, Friday March 23

The History Department Seminar Series wraps up its year with a special seminar, in which two of the Department's senior students consider 18th century and 19th century nationalism and social relations in southern France and early Canada. Come out and see the future of history!

Time and place: Friday, Mar 23, 3:30 pm in Rm A224.


William Hamilton, "When Twigs Crack Don’t Whistle"

This project examines the story of La Bete, a real, wolf-like creature which terrorized the Gevaudan region of southern France from 1764-1767. By focusing on the peasants and by putting “La Bete back into the Gevaudan,” the story reveals much about peasant life, religion and social relations in ancien regime France, while demonstrating that the history of everyday life may be discovered in the most unusual sources.

Sean Graham, 'Traitors, Invaders, and Slavers: British North American Attitudes towards the United States, 1775-1867'

This paper traces anti-Americanism through Canada's formative years by looking at the significant events that marked the period. There is also discussion on the current state of anti-Americanism in Canada and the impact this period had on our modern perceptions of the United States.


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