Friday, March 02, 2007

Liechtenstein invaded!

I've loved the idea of the tiny independent principality of Liechtenstein since I was in grade three and we were studying geography. In more recent times I discovered the existence of Ulrich von Liechtenstein, the 13th century jouster who wrote fantastic accounts of jousting expeditions where he competed in disguise (on one, he dressed as Dame Venus in honor of Love). Then, in 2001, in the movie A Knight's Tale, the fictional peasant (Londoner?) Will Thatcher used Ulrich's name as part of his disguise as a noble jouster (how cool is that?).

So you can imagine my distress and horror to find that Liechtenstein was recently invaded by the Swiss army.

But no worries. This Swiss withdrew when they found they'd gone astray and no one in Liechtenstein even noticed.


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