Sunday, September 09, 2007

A sample -- Tuareg music and the medieval help desk

If you are a new student of mine, greetings. You may want to look at the previous entry for a longer introduction to this weblog.

This post is a short sample of the kind of things I like to include in it. It so happens that neither item originates with me, but both come from other historical scholars. I stumbled across these gems without hardly trying.

First, from Patahistory, is a YouTube clip, about 18 minutes long, about some Tuareg musicians from the country of Mali who are well known both for their music and their past political activities. This appeals to me because (1) all music from Mali has a strong effect on me and (2) it's a brilliant example of how diverse human life is today, and how common themes tie it together. As a fan of and teacher of world history, I'm always reminding myself that those people in Mali (for instance) are as representative of humanity in the 21st century as I am. Note how one fellow says that the heart of the Tuareg is in the Sahara with the camels, and another insists that they don't want to be restricted to the desert. They want and need good medicine and good communication as much as anyone else. Well said.

Per Omnia Saecula, a new blog, entertains us with another YouTube offering, this one on the Medieval Help Desk. I usually don't include joke posts (as opposed to amusing ones) but this is awfully good fun.


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