Sunday, October 14, 2007


Don't much go for these Internet fads, but I couldn't pass this one up. It's from A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, where Jonathan Jarrett explains the motive for his crime, and protests "No actually I have been really busy. Honest."

Yeah, me too.



Anonymous Jonathan Jarrett said...

I'm going to try and drown that post in actual content fairly shortly! I think I still ought to thank you for the link.

I have to confess to a growing fascination with the lolcat phenomenon. It was Geoffrey Chaucer's blog that made it clear to me that intelligent people were messing round with this and that it wasn't just SMS-speak overwhelming English. Then I started following the whole shebang more closely and realised that there was a grammar and orthography of 'loltalk' being established by consensus in there, which fascinated me even more. A friend of mine caught this idea with the phrase, "it's a self-emergent pidgin, that's why it's so exciting'" and he had it exactly.

Then yesterday I discovered quite how ambitious this particular Internet fad is growing, and went to a pub for lunch with a friend who was filled with joy by the way that the essential mystery of theism could be expressed as "Even tho I super invizibil ninja cat u knowz I there". And the rest somehow turned into history...

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