Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Al-Ahram: Zeno's paradox in today's Egypt

A habit I hope to cultivate this year is to read at least one article from Egypt's English-language online weekly, Al-Ahram, every day. I won't be reporting on all of them -- that would be tedious for all concerned -- but some of them will certainly get links from this blog.

Today's reading was a report on traffic jams and urban crowding in Cairo. It's entitled Zeno's Paradox, the relevance of which phrase is clear when you look at Wikipedia's entry on Zeno's Paradoxes, which sums them up thus:

You can never catch up.
You cannot even start.
You cannot even move.

If you read the article you'll see how appropriate this phrase is for a city of 17 million which has facilities for 4.5 million.

Image: The 6 October Bridge.

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