Thursday, January 31, 2008

More from English Russia

The amateur photojournalists (meant as a compliment) of English Russia continue to present us with great images of "1/6 of the Earth's surface." Today I went back to the site and found two treasures: a portfolio of views of Northern Russia (region unspecified) and a group of pictures from Nazi-occupied Russia.

In connection with the first, I was struck by how little this cold landscape looks like my cold part of Canada (though we had clear blue skies today). In connection with the second, I found it interesting to see how many people used the German presence as an opportunity to hold religious processions.

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Blogger Phil Paine said...

I'm pretty sure these photos are of Vologda, about 400km NE of Moscow. It was originally part of the Republic of Novgorod, then incorporated into Muscovy by Ivan the Terrible, who had an unusual stone cathedral built. There's also an important monastery. The place is often mentioned in relation to Russian art.

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