Monday, September 08, 2008

The Role and Mission of the Canadian Navy in the 21st Century

From Dr. Robert Gendron of the History Department:

On Tuesday, September 16th, Nipissing University will host a talk by Commander Stuart Moors on "The Role and Mission of the Canadian Navy in the 21st Century." Commander Moors will talk about the Canadian Navy and things like Arctic sovereignty, coastal defence, disaster relief, and anti-terrorism. This should be a very enlightening discussion of the substance and purpose of an aspect of Canadian defence policies and I hope that everyone will join us for it. I would particularly ask faculty members to announce the talk to their classes.

The talk takes place on Sept. 16th starting at 7 pm in A137. It is free and open to everyone from the campus community and the broader community as well. Many thanks to Dr. Peter Ricketts, the VP Academic and Research, and Dr. Craig Cooper, the Dean of Arts and Science, for sponsoring this talk.

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