Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And then last night on CBC TV...

...Newsworld's Passionate Eye documentary program to be specific, I saw a show called
Pakistan's Taliban Generation. It was about how the Taliban are spreading their influence in Pakistan, and not just in the tribal areas. It was scary, in part because it was a no BS presentation. Unfortunately you cannot see this on the CBC Internet site, but you can read about it here, and perhaps hunt up another broadcast where you can see it.

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Anonymous Phil Paine said...

Things to worry about,in this context. That region of Pakistan (Swat, Kohistan, and Chitral) is inhabited by some small Buddhist tribes, as well as the Kalash, who preserve intact a pagan religion predating Islamic, Buddhist, and Zoroastrian influence. They are not likely to be treated kindly. Nor are the many priceless antiquities, some of the glories of the Greco-Buddhist period.

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