Thursday, April 09, 2009

An end-of-term note for my students in HIST 3805

I have just about finished reading the essay based on Edwards' book Before Taliban and will be returning them at the exam. It occurred to me however that I should probably explain to symbols that I used in grading.

The backward P is the paragraph mark or, interestingly, the pilcrow. It has standard meaning: start a new paragraph here.

The tick or checkmark is as common as dirt, but I use it for specific purpose. It means, "you caught my attention; well said; an interesting idea." If your paper is extraordinarily good, you might get it returned without any ticks. That probably means that your presentation was consistently good right from the beginning.

The first student has already asked how much choice there will be on the final exam. It's my policy to say that you will always have some choice, but I'm not going to tell you how much. You can always dodge the short ID question or essay question that you hate the most, but no guarantees that you won't have to tackle the second most hateful one.



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