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Ancient Civilizations

Nipissing University HIST 2055, 2000-5

Compiled by the instructor, Steve Muhlberger; last updated September 9, 2005

Currently these resources are available:

A Course Outline.

Movies to Study Ancient History By. This list doesn't exist yet.

Lecture notes.   I will be posting lecture notes in abbreviated form. I hope this will allow students to worry less about their note-taking, and free them up to listen more closely -- and think and ask questions -- in the lectures themselves. Think of this as a brief, on-line text-book.

An incomplete list of audio-visual and digital resources available at Nipissing University.

Ancient history in the news.

David Meadows runs a service he calls Explorator. Every few days he sends out a list of links to news stories on the World Wide Web concerning the ancient world. If you'd like to subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) Explorator, you may do by visiting this page: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/Explorator.

The pace of archaeological news is simply amazing -- during one week in the summer of 2000, the discovery of four new ancient cities was announced.   As far as I know, Explortor is the best way of keeping up.

Other links.

Here are some WWW sites relevant to ancient history. There are far more than I've listed here, and there is so much variety I've had a hard time guessing what you might like.

 I've concentrated on image collections, some thematic sites, and some general sites that will help you find what you are interested in. There aren't too many textual sites listed, because to date WWW sites can't really compete with books for in-depth discussion or analysis. Also, some whole civilizations have been left out. I hope to put in some Minoan, Mycaenean, and Etruscan links later.

 If you ever find yourself needing an ancient source that our library doesn't have, it may well be on the Web, ready to be downloaded.

 Be warned that some of the most interesting sites assume that you have a large computer with video capability.

I can't guarantee the quality of these sites. It's not always obvious how much expertise lies behind even the best-looking Web sites, and I haven't been able to check even this selection out in detail.

The Neolithic -- Ancient Mesopotamia -- Ancient Egypt -- Syria, Palestine, etc. -- The Greeks -- The Romans -- End of Antiquity--Women in Antiquity -- General Ancient History Sites