HIST 2055 -- Ancient Civilizations

Index to Lecture Notes


These notes have been placed here for the convenience of my students. They aren't meant as a substitute for attending lectures, and I have not included everything I'll say in class.

I hope that posting these will allow students to worry less about note-taking, and to relax, listen, and ask questions. Most of the names and dates are here; so are some of the most important interpretations and explanations I'll be putting forward. For the whole story, though, you'll still have to show up for lectures.

 Sept. 11  Introduction to the course (no notes)

 Sept. 13  Prehistory to the Agricultural Revolution

 Sept. 18  An Early Town -- Catal Huyuk

 Sept. 20  General Characteristics of Mesopotamian Civilization

 Sept. 25  Sumer and Akkad to the Time of Sargon

 Sept. 27  Gilgamesh

 Oct. 2     Nomads and Citizens in the Second Millenium B.C.

 Oct. 4     Women and Men in the Second Millenium B.C.

 Oct. 11     Early Egypt

 Oct. 16   Pharoahs and Pyramids

 Oct. 18   Early Developments --Metalworking

 Oct. 23   Early Developments -- Writing

 Oct. 25   Civilization Spreads to the West

 Oct. 30    Akhenaten

 Nov. 1    Ancient Israel

 Nov. 6  The Assyrian and Babylonian Empires

 Nov. 8  Cities of the Western Mediterranean

 Nov. 13  Politics in Archaic Greece

 Nov. 15  Sparta and Athens

Extra material  The Republics of Ancient India
 Nov. 20  The Persian Empire

 Nov. 22  The Persian War

 Nov. 27   Periclean Athens

 Nov. 29   Peloponnesian War

 Jan. 8     The Trial of Socrates

 Jan. 10    Early Rome and Carthage

 Jan. 15   The Macedonian Conquest of Greece

 Jan. 17   Alexander's Conquests

 Jan. 22   The Successor States and Hellenistic Culture

 Jan. 24   Greek Learning in its Historical Context

 Jan. 29   The Roman Conquest of Italy

 Jan. 31   The Punic Wars

 Feb. 5     The Conquest of Greece and the Roman Response to the Greeks

 Feb. 7     Roman Imperialism

 Feb. 12     Origins of the Roman Revolution: The Gracchi to Sulla

 Feb. 14   Roman Politics in the Era of Cicero and Caesar

 Feb. 19 & 21 Winter Study Week

 Feb. 26   The Victory of Augustus

 Feb. 28   The Empire of Augustus

 Mar. 5    Latin Literature

 Mar. 7    The Arena

 Mar. 12   The Early Emperors

 Mar. 14   Jews and Christians in the First Century A.D.

 Mar. 19 The Good Emperors

 Mar. 21 Egypt and Gaul: Two Roman Provinces in the 2nd Century

 Mar. 26 The Military Emperors

 Mar. 28 The Spread of Christianity

 Apr. 2 The Age of Diocletian and Constantine

 Apr. 4 The Christian Empire

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