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A History of Islamic Civilization

Nipissing University HIST 2805, 2006-7

Compiled by the instructor, Steve Muhlberger; last updated, September 12, 2006
This home page makes available the course documents and resources elsewhere on the Web.


Course documents and resources

Course outline.

Lecture notes.

A bibliography of books available at Nipissing University.

AV Resources available at Nipissing University.

Term test study sheet for Fall 2003. 

Reference Sites

The Noble Quran.  None of the sites offering an English translation or interpretation of the Quran looked particularly well-designed to me.   The site I've linked to  was the best.  Perhaps a printed version would be better?

Date Converter between Christian and Muslim Calendars.

 Hadith Database. Hadith are ancient sayings or accounts of the words or deeds of Muhammed. Hadith are thus an important source of Islamic tradition. This site allows you to search the important hadith collections.

 Women in Islam. This site was put together by Answering Islam, a Christian group, but it includes a great deal of material from the Islamic point of view and neutral reference material. A Muslim response to "Answering Islam," including some material about women in Islam, can be found at Who is Our Savior?

Big general sites

The Islamic Page (Ibrahim Shafi's Home Page). A tremendous resource, including many on-line religious documents.

IslamiCity in Cyberspace. A little bit of everything, with an emphasis on what's happening within the Islamic world today.  As of September 18th, there is a lot of material on the site relevant to the terror attacks of September 11th.   (A big site, this may be slow to load.)

Sites promoting Islamic groups
As-Sunnah Foundation of America site. This group states its goals as "The unity of Muslims and understanding and awareness through education."

 Haqqani Foundation in America site. This group promotes Sufism, or Islamic mysticism. The site provides links to mystical materials completely unfamiliar to most non-Muslims.

News sites

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty from the United States provides an Iran Report and an Iraq Report on the World Wide Web. It is also possible to subscribe to e-mail versions of these biweekly reviews.

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