HISTORY 3425 -- Medieval England

Index to Lecture Notes, 2007-8

Instructor: Dr. Steve Muhlberger

Sept. 10   Introduction to Britain
Sept. 12  The Roman Withdrawal
Sept. 17  Independent Britain
Sept. 19  The Invaders
Sept. 24  Early English Society
Sept. 26  The Conversion of Britain
Oct. 1      The Age of Bede
Oct. 3      Eighth-Century Kingdoms

Oct 8 & 10  Thanksgiving and Study Week

Oct. 15    The Appearance of the Vikings
Oct. 17    Alfred
Oct. 22    England After Alfred
Oct. 24    Wessex Conquers England
Oct. 29    King Edgar and Church Reform
Oct. 31   Aethelred The Unready
Nov. 5    Canute and His Sons
Nov.  7    The Confessor and His Earls
Nov. 12   1066
Nov. 14   Domesday England
Nov. 19  The Norman Settlement
Nov. 21  The Conqueror and His Sons

          England, Wales, and Scotland  (an extra lecture from an earlier version of this course, for those interested)

Nov. 26
  The Church under the Normans
Nov. 28  Government under Henry I
Dec. 3    Stephen and Matilda
Dec. 5   Term exam 

Jan.  7   Henry, Eleanor and their Empire
Jan.  9  Law and Administration under Henry II
Jan. 14  Becket and Other Foes
Jan. 16  William the Marshal as an Example of Twelfth-Century Chivalry
Jan. 21  Richard and the Crusade
Jan. 23  King John and the Fall of Normandy
Jan. 28  Magna Carta
Jan. 30  Economy and Society up to the 13th Century
Feb.  4   Robert Grosseteste
   The Thirteenth Century Civil War
Feb. 11  Edward I: The Early Years
Feb. 13  Edward I: Later Difficulties

Feb. 21 & 23 Winter Study Week

Feb. 25  The Deposition of Edward II
Feb. 27  Origins of the 100 Years War
Mar.  3  Later Years of Edward III
Mar.  5  Religious Conflict in Fourteenth Century England
Mar. 10   Economic Change and Social Tension in the Late 14th Century
Mar. 12  The Reign Of Richard II
Mar. 17  Henry IV
Mar. 19  The End of the French Adventure

Mar. 24  Easter Monday

Mar. 26  The Beginning of the Wars of the Roses
Mar. 31  Economy and Society in the 15th Century
Apr.   2   York and Tudor
Apr.   7   Religion in the 15th Century