Nipissing University
History 4505  Topics in Medieval History

Assignment for November 14, 2001

Deeds of Arms

General assignment -- After reading the following  excerpts from fourteenth-century accounts, comment on the following questions:

How and when were these deeds of arms organized?

What rules and expectations govern these activities? (Be prepared to discuss this in detail.)

Are these deeds of arms sport or war?

What are the participants trying to accomplish?

What do these deeds of arms tell you about the psychology of the military nobility?

What perspective on war and politics do these deeds provide?


A challenge is fought before the Earl of Buckingham

French and English knights tourney in Brittany
and continuation <.../vannes2.htm>

Nicholas Clifford kills a French squire who had challenged him

Peter Courtenay jousts with the Lord of Trimouille and the Lord of Clary
Juvénal des Ursinsí account:
Froissartís account:

Trickery in the Lists?

(Have a look at /muhlberger/froissart/deedyonn.htm)

Deed of Arms at St. Inglevert

***There is more material at Deeds of Arms: