Steven Muhlberger


Associate Professor of History

Nipissing University

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A recent research presentation at Nipissing University on the subject of medieval deeds of arms
My academic training focused on the Middle Ages, especially on historians in late ancient and early medieval times. I continue to be interested in this area, and am currently serving as editor of the section for Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean of the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies, ORB. Have a look at it when you've got time.

I am also interested in the history of democracy as a world phenomenon. I have created a World History of Democracy Site at which I have pre-published some material written by me and my collaborator, Phil Paine. Also included are links to reference sites useful to other researchers.

My lectures on the history of medieval England were chosen by ORB in 1999 as one of the first of their Online Textbooks.

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  • History 4505 -- Topics in Medieval History (Seminar: focusing on the colorful 6th-century historian Gregory of Tours)
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