Monday, September 24, 2007

Joseph Andrews (1977)

Joseph Andrews is an 18th century novel by Henry Fielding, who wrote Tom Jones, which was adapted into one of the best films ever made. This adaptation, too, is a lot of fun. Who could resist broad humor, great costumes, children kidnapped by gypsies, rich ladies lusting after their footmen, the Hellfire Club or something very like it, innocents abroad and abused, and a happy ending for just about everyone.

There are plenty of detailed period scenes, not just great houses and fancy carriages on the road. One great touch you might never expect: some of the action takes place in the fashionable spa of Bath. Not only does the movie show people soaking in the Roman baths, but all the streets are full of construction workers and equipment, building that spa (which was in fact done in the 18th century).

Must read the book.

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