Representative Publications

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O'Hagan, S. and M.D. Rice (forthcoming) The Geography of Corporate Directors: Personal Backgrounds, Firm and Regional Success. Professional Geographer.

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (forthcoming) Atlantic Canadian corporate directors and their educational affiliations: A Spatial Analysis. Northeastern Geographer.

O'Hagan, S. (2011) An examination of migration patterns to Ontario cities: Demarcating Ontario's periphery. Canadian Studies in Population 1-2: 135-150.

O'Hagan, S. (2010) Corporate directors and educational affiliations: A spatial-temporal analysis. Industrial Geographer 6(2): 3-30.

O'Hagan, S. and T. Rutland (2008) A comparison of Canada's small, medium, and large cities in the knowledge economy. Canadian Journal of Urban Research 17(1): 130-154.

O'Hagan, S., M.D. Rice and M.B. Green (2008) North American corporate directors and educational affiliations: A geographical analysis. Geography Research Forum 28: 59-81.

O'Hagan, S. and B. Cecil (2007) A macro level approach to examine Canada's primary industry towns in a knowledge economy? Journal of Rural and Community Development 2(2): 18-43.

Rutland, T. and S. O'Hagan (2007) The growing localness of the Canadian city, On the continued (ir)relevance of economic base theory. Local Economy 22(2): 163-185.

Green M.B. and S. O'Hagan (2006) Canadian interlocking directorates: Gender, industry and city differences. Online Geography 6(1).

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (2004) Corporate knowledge transfer via interlocking directorates: A network analysis approach. Geoforum 35(1): 127-139.

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (2002) Tacit knowledge via interlocking directorates: A Canadian and U.S. comparison. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography 84(1): 49-63.

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (2002) Interlocking directorates: An example of tacit knowledge transfer. Urban Geography 23(2): 154-179.

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (2002) Region, Knowledge, and Competitiveness in R.B. McNaughton and M.B. Green (eds.), Global Competition and Local Networks, Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, UK.

O'Hagan, S. and W. P. Anderson (2001) Canadian foreign direct investment in the United States: A discrete choice analysis approach. Canadian Journal of Regional Science 23(2): 213-231.

O'Hagan, S. and M.B. Green (2000) The location of headquarters in the Unites States. The Great Lakes Geographer 7(2): 119-121.



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