Psyc Of Art Resources

This page contains supplementary material for Psyc of Art students and others interested in the course or the topic.

Students interested in the nature of creativity might find my trilogy on the nature of creativity in the sciences and the arts might enjoy my trilogy on the topic:  Secret Agents

Here a rather random list of interesting but relevant sites for Psyc of Art. I will occasionally add and update this list.

Literary Art (Read a great poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

Visual Art (Read about and look at Bosch paintings)

Scientific Art (Explore images of math made into art)

But Is It Art (Read Cynthia Freeland on this question)

Yes It Is Art (Read historical defense of avant-garde art)

Weird Public Art (View nine unusual public art works)

Making Art With Sheep (View video on LED sheep art)

Aesthetics In Science  (Watch great physicist explain)

Is Sport an Art? (Read column by Frank Deford)

Art, Philosophy, and Sport (Watch a philosophical soccer match)

Brain Responses to Sculpture (Read scientific study)

Venus Of Willendorf (View video about essential distortion in art)

Reading Too Many Psyc Papers Can Make You... (See blue!)

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