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Internet Resources for Native Studies

Nipissing University Education Centre Library
- This is the Nipissing University Library web site. It contains many important links, including the Library Catalogue, the Reserve List, E-Resources, and more.

Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
- This site is the official home page for the D.I.N.A.C. Many important documents can be found on this site, the Indian Act, for example. Also, it has many other interesting pages on laws and terminology, like “Reserve Lands”.

SchoolNet: “First Peoples on SchoolNet”
- A great starter page with so much information a small description would not do it justice. Some things include links to different Native Nations’ home pages and other materials.

Union of Ontario Indians
- This web site has a lot of current events and a massive directory of Native Nations.

The National Library and Archives of Canada
- This is a government website, which contains links to specific topics and resources. For example, there is a bibliography for people studying Residential Schools.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
- The CBC has a vast archive of news and historical information. The also have a detailed home page for Canada: A People’s History. Their news archives usually contain media clips and details on events. The Oka Crisis for example is explored in detail on the CBC web site. There are sometimes links to other credible web pages.

Department of Justice Canada
- This is a direct link to the electronic version of the Indian Act.

Canadian Museum of Civilization (
“A History of the Native People of Canada” by: J.A. Wright
- This is a detailed history of Native people in Canada. It is an abstract of the two-volume book set (Volumes III and IV are not yet published). It is rich in pictures and is divided up by specific historical periods and important events in Canadian Native History.

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***Additional resources will be added as the year progresses. If you know of a web site that you would like to share, please e-mail me or see me during my office hours.***