GEND 2056 webnotes

It seems that I overloaded the GEND 2056 webnotes page with too much text, so I have had to break it up by month. Please see the individual pages below for each month’s notes:

  • GEND 2056 – January — Ouellette and Murray; Madger
  • GEND 2056 – February — McCoy and Scarborough; Kraszewski on The Real World; Fox on Big Brother; Ouellette on Judge Judy
  • GEND 2056 – March — Sender and Sullivan on What Not To Wear and The Biggest Loser; Sender on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy; Hasinoff on ANTM; Drew on Survivor
  • GEND 2056 – April — Draper on American Idol

I have created a page to help you in the essay writing process: Click here. 

Click here for a pdf of the final take-home: GEND 2056 Final Take home 2016