Wenfeng Chen

Adjunct Faculty

E-mail: wenfengc@nipissing.ca

  1. Education:

    Ph.D in Mathematical Physics and Theoretical High Energy Physics, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, China.
    M. Sc. in Mathematical Phyiscs and B. Sc. in Theoretical Physics, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China.
  1. Research Interests:

    Quantum Field Theory and Superstring/M Theory;
    Mathematical Physics: Application of Topological Quantum Field Theory and Topological String Theory to Differential Geometry, Differential Topology and Algebraic Geometry.
  1. Course(s) in Fall Term, 2012:

      PHYS-1006: General Physics I: Classical Mechanics

      PHYS-2006: General Physics III: Electromagnetism (Lecture and Lab)

  1. Course(s) in Winter Term, 2013:

      PHYS-1007: General Physics II: Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Wave and Thermodynamics

  2. Course(s) in Spring/Summer Term, 2013:

      MATH-2066: Introduction to Differential Equations (At Laurentian University)

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