EDUC 1526 Religious Education in the Roman Catholic Schools of Ontario

Fall 2017 Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:50 pm    Room TBD

For me, formation for Catholic teachers is invitational, not forced. It is not brainwashing or propagandizing in the sense of imposing an ideology or set of dogmatic principles as to what a teacher must or must not do. Rather, formation is more holistic in that it attempts to touch the person’s spirit, to awaken within the person the notion that teaching in a Catholic school is more than just a job or even a profession. It is a vocation.

James T. Mulligan

This is a prerequisite course to teach in the Roman Catholic Schools of Ontario.

Throughout this 12 session experience, be ready for singing, dancing, games, magic, storytelling, reflection, sharing and mystic mirth. As we journey, we’ll prepare to inspire students on their own journey of faith. We’ll rediscover our rich Catholic educational heritage in Ontario, examine field-tested program materials as well as explore the myriad challenges of Catholic Education today. Above all we’ll use our imaginations!