ADMN 3116 – Financial Management 1

Financial Management 1

This is an introductory financial management course intended for students pursuing different majors including accounting, marketing, organization management, general management, financial services etc. All lectures include a practically oriented part which will either be a discussion of a business case or a topic that can be applied in investment game. Three large sections of the course are: financial analysis, investment and financing. Financial analysis is an important part of management. The course provides an introduction to such topics as ratio analysis, working capital analysis and the valuation of business. The investment section covers investments in real assets and investments in financial assets. It will introduce the net-present value rule, the notions of risk and uncertainty, and basics of portfolio selection. Finally the course provides an introduction to financing problems which will help students to prepare for Financial Management 2. Different types of securities available to firms for financing their needs will be discussed as well as problems an introduction to cost of capital and the capital structure theory. Special attention will be paid to the specific aspects of international financial market, and financial management in small firms. A significant part of the course will be dedicated to providing students with basic computational skills in Excel and using these skills in financial management.

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