ADMN 4896 – Individual Studies in Finance

Here is the list of topics suggested for individual studies in finance:

On-line trading and technical analysis                                                                                      Start-up financing                                                                                                                      Wealth management                                                                                                                 Using news in stock market                                                                                                    Investments in real estate and real estate mutual funds                                                          Building my own portfolio

In the past, students had a choice of working on individual research topic or to study a prearranged list of topics.

Example of individual research topics in the past:

1. Weather derivatives and moral hazard
2. Capital structure of internet companies
3. Theory and practice of project financing
4. Debt vs. equity under asymmetric information:
a review of the literature
5. Project financing: a review of the literature

A sample of prearranged list of topics is presented below.

Topic PPT slides
Financial Analysis of Investment Projects
Valuation of Firms
Topics in Portfolio Management
Financing choices
Capital structure theory
Initial public offerings
Financial innovations Lecture8FinInnovations
Venture capital and private equity
Mergers and acquisitions Lecture9Mergers

Notable alumni

Peter Huffman: accepted for Master of Financial Economics program in University of Toronto (mark in Advanced Finance-99 out of 100)

Hugh Cassidy: accepted for Master of Financial Economics program in University of Western Ontario (mark in Advanced Finance -90 out of 100)

Michael Weber: accepted for Master of Financial Economics program in Queens (mark in Advanced Finance- 80 out of 100).

Robert Keyes: accepted for Master in Economics in University of Guelph (mark in Advanced Finance- 91 out of 100)
Bart Dziarski: accepted for MBA in City University (mark in Advanced Finance- 81 out of 100)

Noah Jensen: investment banking, Scotia McLeod investment group (mark in Advanced Finance-81 out of 100).