Working papers

Asymmetric information and IPO size (with Congsheng Wu) (Top 10 SSRN Download summer 2013)

Capital structure of internet companies: a case study  (with Zhenting Lee and Shuting Liang)

“Can earnings manipulation create value?”
Presentations: American Finance Association Annual Meeting 2009, Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting 2008

Selected publications

A. Miglo. (2011) Chapter 10 “Trade-Off, Pecking Order, Signaling, and Market Timing Models”.  in H. Kent Baker, Gerald S. MartinCapital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions: Theory, Evidence, and Practice. (Wiley and Sons) pp 171-191.   (Top 10 SSRN Download, May 2010)

Miglo, A. (2010). “Capital structure and earnings manipulation”.  Journal  of Economics and Business  (Elsevier)62 (5), 367-382.

Miglo, A. (2009). “Earnings-based compensation contracts under asymmetric information”. The Manchester School (Wiley-Blackwell) 77 (2), 225-243.

Miglo, A. (2007). “A note on corporate taxation, limited liability and asymmetric information” . Journal of Economics (Springer) 92 (1), 11-19.

Miglo, A. (2007). “Debt-equity choice as a signal of earnings profile over time”. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (Elsevier) 47 (1), 69-93

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