Intro Psyc I

Course Highlights: Issues to be Explored

Psychological Theories

  • The Freudian Psychodynamic Perspective: An aggressive, selfish, and sexual view of Human Nature!
  • Learning: The environment largely determines how people/creatures act and feel!
  • Humanistic Perspective: Human Motivation, Meaning, and Choice
  • The Cognitive Perspective: How we Remember, Analyze, and Communicate Information
  • Biological Underpinnings of Psychology: Shared Genes –> Neurons –> Brain Structures
  • Sociocultural Perspective: Local and larger social norms and knowledge matter.

Psychological Methods: Research Design I


Psychological Methods: Research Design II


Psychobiology: Neuroscience


Psychobiology: Neuropsychology


Developmental Psychology






Classical Learning

  • Pavlov’s Drooling Dogs
  • Watson’s repeatedly scares a Baby!
  • The Learning Process:
    • Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS) –> Unconditioned Response (UCR)
    • Neutral Stimulus (NS)
    • NS paired with UCS and UCR
    • NS becomes Conditioned Stimulus (CS) that results in a Conditioned Response
    • The CR similar in nature to the UCR
  • Unlearning process –> Extinction

Operant Learning




Personality Disorders


Developmental Disorders I


Anxiety Disorders