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Douglas Gosse

Dr. Douglas Gosse has taught early childhood education, elementary, junior high, and high school, as well as adult learners. As a university professor, he teaches Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior Curriculum Methods and Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate Language Arts. Dr. Gosse is a full member of the School of Graduate Studies. His research interests include language and literacy acquisition for boys, high-yield teaching and learning approaches and strategies, metacognition, single gender and co-educational teaching, and anti-oppressive education.

Dr. Gosse received the Nipissing University Research Achievement Award, and a Gold Volunteer Service Award from the Historica Foundation. The Governor-General of Canada has recognized him for teaching excellence. Dr. Gosse has presented over 100 times in both English and French, and published in a variety of academic and professional magazines and journals.

He is the author of A Celtic Cross, A Vampire Journal (1995), and The Romeo & Juliet Murders (1997), a modern Canadian adolescent novel variation of the Shakespeare play he taught for years as an English teacher. His educational novel on masculinities, Jackytar (2005), followed by Breaking silences & exploring masculinities, a critical supplement to the novel Jackytar (2008), are easily readable, and applicable to diverse high school & university courses. Inquiries may be made to Breakwater Books: 1-800-563-3333 or via email: via email:

In 2013-2014, Dr. Gosse’s newest project is as General Editor of LGBTTIQQ2SA Stories of Pride, Courage and Social Justice in Canada. In partnership with Breakwater Books, Ltd., and Egale, Canada Human Rights Trust, there is a nationwide call for papers:

Areas of Expertise
Androgenogogy (effective methods for teaching boys) Boys and literacy: differentiation and boys' learning, teacher expectations and boys' learning, high yield psychology of human learning strategies for boys' learning, cooperative communication and boys' learning, teaching for diversity (intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, geographical location, language and culture) and boys' learning

The professional journeys of male teachers: male minority status in education, workplace dynamics & power, fear of male sexualities—androgenophobia and erastephobia, diversity in education and schooling, male teacher role models

Contact Information
Douglas Gosse, PhD (Social Justice & Cultural Studies)
General Editor, LGBTTIQQ2SA Stories of Pride, Courage and Social Justice in Canada
Professor, Schulich School of Education
Director, The Northern Canadian Centre for Research in Education & the Arts:

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