Supply Management and the Income of Canadian Dairy Farmers, a Twitter Discussion

This morning I posted a statement on twitter that Canada’s supply management system allows dairy farmers to have a decent income.  This was based largely on discussions I’d had with members of dairy farm families about their experiences.  It spawned an extensive, fascinating discussion that mixes stats with personal experiences, and is reproduced here.

New First-Year Course in North American Food History

Why are you eating that? Find out in my new course on North American food history, offered in winter term at Nipissing University.


Eating connects us – to the earth, to the plants and animals that live on it, and to the people who produce our food. It connects us, above all, to the people who came before us who decided what was good food and how to make it. This course will not tell you what to eat. It will tell you where pizza came from, how white bread transformed the central plains of North America, and how pancakes were used to fight back against exploitation. We will explore how food is grown, cooked, and eaten in North America, why religions and cultures eat the way they do, and why so much of our food now is not so good for us or for the planet. Also, we will cook and eat (good) food.

Krugman on Climate Change?

Just last night I was talking with a colleague, criticizing economists who feel they are qualified to comment on environmental issues.  Then along comes Paul Krugman, who as it turns out worked on the issue as a grad student, with a fascinating review of a book that attempts to assign costs to climate change.