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Jim McAuliffe HBA in Physical Education at the University of Western Ontario
  MA in Physical Education at the University of Western Ontario
  PhD in Physical Education and Sports Studies at the University of Alberta




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PHED 1006 – Introduction to Physical Education


PHED 1016 – Motor Development (Winter 2008 term)





Visual Attention

Attention and Action

Attention and Athletes

Motor Control




The Effect of Autonomic Nervous System Activation on Object- and Space-Based Attention (2007-2012 - Funded by NSERC ).


A Prospective Analysis of Head Impacts Sustained in Bantam-Aged Minor Hockey Players – Member of Canadian Research Team – my focus is on the neuro-cognitive (attention) aspects of the project (Funded by the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation).


Attention and Safe Driving.


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            Lise Belliveau.  MSc.  The impact of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) on glucose metabolism in skeletal muscle in patients with type II diabetes.  2004 – 2006.


           Jessica Cordes.  MPH.  Research Project.  The development of a workplace physical activity workshop.  2005 – 2007.


           Miranda Deller.  MSc.  Walk, Stop, Search, the effect of simulated motion on visual attention.  2004 – 2006.


           Tracey Larocque.  MSc.  The effects of iron supplementation on visual attention and memory in iron deficient adolescent females.  2004 - 2006.


           Adam Eikenberry.  MSc.  Get on the good foot:  Do pedal asymmetries exist in the sprint start response.  2003 – 2005.


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