EDUC 4138 -- Curriculum Methods P/J

Course: Overview

Calendar Description :

Introduction :

In this third part of Curriculum Methods, students will be expected to focus on the final component of a teacher's planning - the unit plan . Students will work in small groups to adapt a Unit Plan for the grade level of their practicum. These units will be in the OCUP format and should be included in the professional portfolios to demonstrate to prospective employers the student's ability to plan at this level. Each unit should integrate some activities that utilize technology and that address “healthy active living” expectations.

The unit can be a revised edition of a unit from OCUP but must include new subtasks and assessments. The unit will be presented to the class as a workshop showing children's work and concrete learning materials.

In addition, each student should complete his/her professional portfolio for presentation, in groups, to the class. All components outlined for portfolios in Methods Part I should be present in the updated portfolio. Students will be asked to address some of the topics in the portfolio during their presentations. The presentations will be “mini mock interview” situations for a teaching position.

As a summative assessment, this course will have a final in-class test (open-book) based on the content studied during all three parts of the Methods course.

To engage teacher candidates in relevant, current issues related to education, each student will be expected to lead and contribute to class discussions. To facilitate these discussions, each student will have an assigned course date to do a mini-presentation or project (of about 10 minutes) on either a new ‘teaching tip' or a current media issue. This will constitute 10% of the portfolio mark and a certificate will be received.

A strategy to be used in this course to prepare for the summative assessment will be “Preview and Refresh” Questions . One question will be posed at the beginning of each class for student recall from previous course content .Students are expected to write a short answer response to the question and the possible responses will be discussed at the next class

Required Texts:

Evertson, Carolyn et al. (2006 ) Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers . Pearson Education Inc., Toronto , ON .

Schwartz, Susan and Pollishuke, Mindy (2005) Creating the Dynamic Classroom: A Handbook for Teachers , Pearson Education Inc., Toronto , ON .

Parkay, Forrest et al. (2005) Becoming a Teacher, Pearson Education Inc., Toronto , ON .

Evaluation :

In this final portion of Methods, the focus will be on planning units in the OCUP format, preparing portfolios for interviews, and a final examination of the three parts of this course.

  1. Unit Plans: Students will be expected to complete a unit plan, if possible, for one of the topics from their Long Range Plan in Part 2 of Methods. The OCUP format must be utilized for this assignment. Students may work in groups of two or three for this particular assignment, with grade level groups, since it involves a major investment of time. The unit must include some form of technology, kinaesthetic movement, parent involvement and community excursion. The presentation should make the unit “come alive” for the class. Adaptations and additions to the unit need to be indicated in bold print on the paper copy of the unit.
    VALUE: 20% presentation and 20% for the unit plan.
  2. Portfolios: In this course, students should complete all components of their professional portfolios. Students will be expected to present these portfolios and answer questions related to the content of each. Each group will provide feedback to the portfolio presenter and this feedback will be used to determine the mark of the portfolio.
    VALUE: 30%
  3. Final Examination: This summative assessment will occur during the last Methods class. Students will be permitted to use whatever resources they choose to answer the short answer and case study questions.
    VALUE: 30 %

All assignments must be completed in order for course success and submitted no later than Nov. 29, 2006.

Late Assignments

Late assignments will be penalized at the rate of ten percent (10%) per day. All components of each assignment need to be submitted and completed to pass the course. All assignments should be submitted at the beginning of each class.

Attendance :

Nipissing University Academic Calendar states that students are to be present for 80% of the class time. Three late arrivals will constitute one absence for attendance purposes.

Academic Dishonesty: Plagiarism

Although there should be no need for a discussion of academic dishonesty in a course at this level, we are obliged to make explicit Nipissing University 's Policy on Academic Dishonesty (see Nipissing University Calendar, 2006-2007).


Portfolio Presentations

* The presentation should clearly demonstrate a thorough knowledge of teaching and Ministry expectations as well as show an ability to perform all expected duties in teaching i.e. planning, reporting, interviewing, and managing a classroom. The portfolio can be in digital, binder, folder, scrapbook or other form as deemed to be reflective of the skills of the teacher. The portfolio can be organized according to the Standards of Practice

2. Unit Plans


/20 – Unit
/20 - Presentation

3. Summative Assessment

This assessment will take the form of an open book test. Students may bring any resources they wish to the class. Course packs and hand-outs from Methods might be useful as well as textbooks and Ministry documents.

The quiz will consist of a number of short answer questions. There will be some choice of questions. Topics will be related to the major themes in Methods i.e. Communication, the Learner, Teaching Strategies, Assessment, Planning, and Classroom Management.

The second portion of the quiz will present case studies. You will be expected to identify the problem in the case study and offer relevant solutions based on your learning during the three years in the program. There will be some choice of case studies for students in P/J and J/I.

The quiz will occur during the last class and the tests will be available for perusal upon request.